Experimental 3D Printing WORKSHOP by Alla Zibrova


Project: Alla Zibrova

Tutors: Yaroslava BarmenkovaYuliya SmithAzamat  Tavitov @<fablab> MISiS

The idea of this 2-day workshop was to explore the capabilities of the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printing techniques. In my project I wanted to create a composite flexible material by combining fabric and PLA, the plastic used by the printer, through the fabric layering method. 

I designed an object using Rhinoceros and later Cura to prepare the model for printing. Using Cura plugins I programmed two stops on different levels of my model: one stop at the level of 1mm to manually slide the fabric into the printing area and another stop at 11mm to change the PLA bundle from white to transparent. 

As a result a have a flexible model designed the way that can be folded into a cube. 

POP UP BOOK and LINOCUT by Alla Zibrova


Summer Camp

Tutors:  Alla Zibrova and Valentina Konevskikh

 @FabLab Fizkunst

In June, 2016 we opened a summer camp for kids at the Center of Youth Innovative Creativity. During 10 days students were working with different materials and instruments creating individual and group projects and having fun! As a result, everyone designed a pop-up book with an original story and illustrations.

Individual projects, process

Storytelling, Concept. Sketches, Linocuts. Prints