ArchMachines Studio

ArchMachines is a studio in the Fabrication Laboratory at the Center for Young Innovative Creativity, Troitsk, Moscow. Together with our students, we explore experimental design methods using all sorts of materials and instruments that the FabLab can provide: 3D printers, 3D scanners, laser cutters, CNC mill, hot wire, etc. and every student has a personal computer with all the essential software. While using different methods like model making and digital fabrication, students become familiar with the history of art and architecture, as well as the basic techniques of architectural composition, and learn to work hands-on with various materials and tools

3D wall panel: Ferromagnetic Fluid Imitation

for Museum of Physical Curiosities' pavilion at the science festival NAUKA0+ (SCIENCE0+)

author: Alla Zibrova

October 2016 @FabLab Fizkunst



Tutors: Alla Zibrova, Artem Konevskikh

May 2016 @FabLab Fizkunst

At this workshop, students created cardboard copy of themselves using a 3d scanner, Rhino, and a laser cutter


From Analog to Digital and Back


Tutors: Alla Zibrova, Artem Konevskikh

May 2016 @FabLab Fizkunst

During this workshop, students created a digital, and then an analog, copies of the objects. First, everyone designed a prototype using foam and a hot wire, then scanned it with a 3d scanner. After that student edited the digital copies and prepared the templates for a laser cutter. When the templates were finished we assembled our new versions of the objects.


Summer Camp

Tutors:  Alla Zibrova and Valentina Konevskikh

 @FabLab Fizkunst

In June 2016 we opened a summer camp for kids at the Center for Youth Innovative Creativity. During 10 days students were working with different materials and instruments creating individual and group projects and having fun! As a result, everyone designed a pop-up book with an original story and illustrations.

Open house

Alla Zibrova, Artem Konevskikh, Valentina Konevskih

For the open house we had guests from the Children's Rehabilitation Center

Tintamarresque for the Art Fest BIRDS

Alla Zibrova, Artem Konevskikh

Troitsk, Moscow, April 2016  @FabLab Fizkunst

The Center for Youth Innovative Creativity

Opening ceremony

Feb 24, 2015