Mixed-Use Housing Complex


Term Project, Moscow Architectural Institute

Professors: Sergey Kuznetsov, Marina Zobkova


For this project, I chose a site on the property of the Scientific Institute in Troitsk. This institution performs scientific research, as well as educational training for undergraduate and graduate students from different cities of Russia and abroad. In order to ensure a comfortable stay for students and faculty at the institute, as well as  scientific activities, family life, and leisure time, I propose reconstructing one of the buildings of the Institute into a multi functional residential complex with separate housing areas for teachers and students.


I propose extending the existing building of the institute and adding space for laboratories, lecture halls, and administrative facilities. I also propose separating housing for teachers and students with families from the academic building.

To preserve the existing greenery, I devised a volumetric composition solution where housing and the academic building are attached by galleries / living bridges, that organizes the broad pedestrian green zone connecting the square in front of the main building with the existing park


As a result, the complex has the following functions:
-housing (different types of apartments and rooms for professors and for students) 
-offices (including laboratories), 
-public space/dining services, 
-sports (on the roof of the office building and inside the building). 

Housing units are detached from the offices and and connected to them via the common spaces.


Block System

One of the challenges of this project was to create a comfortable living space for students and faculty.  To satisfy the needs of the institute to provide all its students with housing,  the designed unit must be inexpensive and quick to construct. 

To achieve this, I suggest a block system. The housing units will be assembled from 2-story blocks with 3 apartments in each. Every apartment has a kitchen and a bathroom. The first-floor apartments are 1 bedroom with a bathroom and a private entrance, while kitchen is shared between two apartments. Each apartment on the second floor is a two bedroom suite with shared bathroom and kitchen.