Modular Vertical Gardening System

Winning project of the AgroHachathon 2016 @<fablab> MISiS

Alla Zibrova - architecture, prototype; Artem Konevskih - programming; Kristina Reznikova - garden design

The theme on the AgroHackathone 2016 was city farming and the whole idea was a collaboration between engineers, programmers, farmers, and designers. The result of 48-hour hackathon supposed to be a working prototype.

Our group designed a modular vertical gardening system. Each module is a 3L pot (which is enough to grow vegetables in it) with an individual programmed watering regime that can be controlled through the blue-tooth.

Part 1. Module and prototype



Modules are stack-able and can be both an independent wall and a part of a more complex construction. 

A water pump is hidden in a separated sound-proof box.


Drawing for a laser cutter

Part 2. Pavilion

Also our group designed an additional version of the vertical garden for temporary exhibitions and installations. Since an exhibition pavilion needs to be easy assembling and lightweight for transportation we propose to use flexible modules made of felt. Flexible felt modules could be provided by the same electronic hydrating system.