Noise Mitigation

Bachelor Project, Moscow Architectural Institute

Professors: Sergey Kuznetsov, Marina Zobkova

The subject of this task is a multi-story residential building.  I chose to design a building in the residential district which I projected during a previous task. The main challenge of this project  was to create a comfortable living space despite the proximity of the house to a heavy-traffic road. To solve this problem, I designed an array of loggias and a perforated wall. 


The loggias are supported by reinforced concrete frame. 


Another challenge was to design the apartments in such a way that every resident would have a quiet and sunlit room with a view of the boulevard. Thus, the designed apartments have windows on  both the front and rear façades.


The parlors, kitchens, and living rooms usually face the road, and the bedrooms face the boulevard. 

To meet all requirements, this house has 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom apartments, a penthouse on the two upper floors, and two-story apartments with studios and shops on the first and base levels.


Furthermore,  the space between the façade of the house and the perforated screen forms a partially covered pedestrian street, which reduces the amount of noise from the road.