SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, CA, USA 

5-week summer program, 2014

tutors: Alexis Rochas, Betty Kassis, Jonah Rowen, Russell Thomsen, Emily White

Projections. Lines and Surfaces

Tutor: Betty Kassis

Composition With Continuous Interior Volume

Tutors: Emily White

In this task, I examined the change and development of the composition through the interaction of simple volumes with each other. The composition consists of 27 parts and was composed in 3 stages: 
- the first 9 cubes are cut into each other at right angles; 
- another 9 cubes were added at different angles;
- distorted cubes were added.

Colors were generated in Photoshop on the basis of photographs at SCI-Arc.

Enter/Exit Pavilion

Tutor: Russell Thomsen

In this task, I had to devise a 6'x6' pavilion with negative space, i.e. instead of  specifying borders of emptiness inside the pavilion, forming the shape of the space itself inside the pavilion, using choreography of movement through interaction of volume with light, rhythm, and mass to create a narrative and path from ENTER to EXIT.


Group project
with Kai Lee and Mille Fischer Christensen

Tutor: Emily White

In this project, we researched the inhabited space by the interaction with human bodies in movement. In the course of this work, we first individually constructed a variety of models on our own, using 3D models of each of us, and designed one model as a group, which we built as a fully scaled 6’x6’ pavilion.