Hi! I'm Alla

and I'm an architect

and this is my personal website.




2013-2015  Specialist of Architecture, Moscow Architectural Institute, Russia

Studio: Sergey Kuznetsov and Marina Zobkova

Graduation diploma: “School Complex, Troitsk”


2014  Making+Meaning, SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, CA, USA

 5-week summer program

Tutors: Alexis Rochas, Betty Kassis, Jonah Rowen, Russell Thomsen, Emily White                                  

2005-2010  Architectural Technologist, College of Architecture and Construction Management, Moscow, Russia            

Studio: Anton Antonov

Graduation diploma: “Synagogue: building design, construction, interior design” graduated with honors

2010-2013  Bachelor of Architecture, Moscow Architectural Institute, Russia


Studio: Sergey Kuznetsov and Marina Zobkova

Graduation diploma: “Multi-story Residential Building: Noise Mitigation”

Professional experience

2014 - cur  Architect at the Advisory Committee at  FabLab, Museum of Physical Curiosities, Troitsk, Moscow

  • Development board member;
  • Curator of the Arch_Machines Architectural Studio;
  • Tutor

2009 -14  Lotov Architectural Bureau, Troitsk, Russia

2013 - Architect and Interior Designer

  • Developing working drawings;
  • Preparing subcontractor order documentation;
  • Construction administration;
  • Meeting and collaboration with engineers and clients

2010-2013 - Junior Architect

  • Solving space layout problems in apartments, residential buildings and common spaces (over 200 projects);
  • Meeting with clients;
  • Visiting construction sites; 
  • Carrying out 3D designs or 2D designs;
  • Compiling data for architectural plans, specifications, cost estimates

2009-2010 - Architectural Technician

  • Preparing Architectural working drawings under direction and supervision;
  • Developing presentation drawings;
  • Visual renderin